1/3 down on pole at the time of order

remainder of the balance paid in 12 equal payments


12' 130lbs $485

Down payment $161.66

Balance due $323.34 divided by 12 = $26.94 per month for 12 months

0% interest

shipping must be paid at time of order

$160 freight dock pickup

$100 south west air pickup at airport only were south west flies too.

This deal is best for serious pole vaulters

I recommend purchasing poles in a series moving up to next length when you

are on a pole 30lbs over your weight

Average hs girl weighing 120lbs should have a

11'6 pole   120lbs,  125lbs , 130lbs, 135lbs, 140lbs , 145lbs

having a series in the same brand allows vaulter smooth confident progression

cost $455 x 6 poles  = $2730

$910 down

$1810 balance  / 12 = $151.66 per month 12 months

shipping $160

call for more details



Pole Vault